Fert Clear – Fertility Investigation & Assessment

Get clarity about your fertility with our fertility assessment test & investigation.

These tests will help you to understand your fertility and ability to conceive. Our fertility assessment test is available for men, women, individuals, singles and couples. Who may just want to know their fertility status or are having issues conceiving.

The fertility tests recommended help to assess egg reserve, sperm quality, structures such as the Fallopian tube, the uterus (womb), hormones as well as infection screening.

These Assessment tests are carried out by taking a blood sample from you and your partner, collecting a semen sample for semen analysis, having a scan done through the vagina (Transvaginal scan) and having HSG (Hysterosalpingography) done to assess the fallopian tubes for blockage, etc.

How does it work:

We believe in the value of getting to know our patient first before running tests on them. Hence, our fertility clear begins with a consultation, in which our fertility specialist will take a detailed medical history to discuss any existing medical conditions and explore any problems that could be relevant.

Our Fertility Specialist will then arrange for preliminary investigations to be performed in order to make a diagnosis and advise you of the best treatment options.

If you have had relevant investigations performed elsewhere or you have had treatment elsewhere. Please bring those reports with you for your fertility specialist to review.

Female Fertility Assessment

What is checked

Our Fert clear test for women includes a pelvic ultrasound scan, blood test.

The blood test will measure a hormone known as Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH), which will give an idea about your ovarian reserve.

Pelvic ultrasound scan will check for any polyps, fibroids, cysts or other problems likely to affect fertility as well as evaluate the Antral Follicle Count to assess your ovarian reserve.

Male fertility Assessment

What is checked?

Our Fert Clear for men includes a semen analysis which examines the density (sperm count), morphology (shape) and mobility of sperm. A normal sperm count would be measured at around 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen.

Couple Fertility Assessment

A joint Fertility MOT test comprises a combination of the female test and male test. It provides an accurate picture of your combined fertility to enable you both to understand your fertility potential and your ability to conceive.

For the female partner:

  • A Pelvic ultrasound scan with Antral Follicle Count
  • An Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Blood Test

For the male partner

  • A Full Semen Analysis and Report

both of you

  • A consultation with a fertility specialist
  • A counselling appointment (if required)

The test results and procedures undergone will be reviewed and discussed with you. The specialist will advise you on your fertility status. As well as provide advice on any changes that may be required to your lifestyle to improve your health and maximize your fertility potential. If assistance is needed, they will also discuss treatment options to help you conceive or help you plan for the future.

We understand the financial impact that specialist care has on family, which is why we Partnered with Access bank so as to provide our client with carious financial plan assistance to help them receive the required care. You can speak to our customer service for more enquiries.