Fertility Consultation


The Fertility consultation involves a meeting where you sit with a Fertility Physician, this meeting is a unique experience for each person. The consultation is directed towards reviewing your medical history, discussing plans for identifying and treating which ever condition of infertility is hampering your efforts to conceive, explaining the processes as well as treatment options available.

Based on history, age and how aggressively you want to pursue treatment, a number of diagnostic routine tests would be ordered by your doctor to evaluate you and your partner. The results of these tests will assist us in formulating the type of treatment/procedure that will provide you with the optimal chances of achieving a successful pregnancy in the safest and shortest possible time frame.

What to expect

Book an appointment with our fertility consultant to discuss your concerns

You can either have a face to face consultation at our fertility clinic or an online consultation, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible when discussing your concerns.

Make a Plan

Our Fertility Consultant might recommend fertility investigation first and after give you a range of fertility options that best works for you.

Work Together

We would work with you to select the best options for you and start your fertility treatment.

We are ready to assist you on your fertility journey

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