What is ICSI

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is one of the most common and successful treatment for male infertility especially in a case of low sperm count.

ICSI  is an IVF technique in which a single sperm is injected into the center of an egg to form an embryo.

The resulting embryos are now transferred into the woman’s womb.

Today, it’s also the world’s favored fertilization method for all types of IVF treatment. 

How Does ICSI Treatment Work

The early stages of ICSI treatment are the same as for conventional IVF. The female partner takes fertility drugs to stimulate her ovaries so that several eggs can be collected.

A single sperm is injected into the center of each mature egg to assist fertilization in the lab to form embryos. The Best embryos will be available transfer and freeze storage. The whole process is visualized through very high magnification microscopes.

Who needs ICSI

You can discuss your options with our experienced fertility specialist at Bloom Fertility Clinic to determine if you meet all the criteria for ICSI. Generally, good candidates for this treatment:

  • Are unsuccessful with traditional/Conventional IVF
  • Have experienced a failed intrauterine insemination
  • Are diagnosed with sperm abnormalities
  • Experience a blockage keeping sperm from flowing properly
  • Experience sperm having trouble attaching to the egg
  • Have chosen sperm donation or egg donation for fertilization

ICSI Risks

There is general agreement that further research is necessary before any firm conclusions can be reached on the risks of icsi, and these studies continue to be done. What is established for certain is that the possibility of birth defects is low in all cases and that the risks are not great. You should, however, be aware of the concerns which will be discussed with your fertility specialist if ICSI is required for your treatment. 

Icsi with bloom fertility clinic

ICSI can help men with low quality or quantity of sperm by extracting just a few sperm cells from the testis for injection into the egg. The rate of fertilisation with ICSI is generally around 90%, that why at bloom fertility clinic we use ICSI to guarantee fertilization. The merits of ICSI may be discussed with you depending on your medical history during your consultation with our fertility specialists at bloom fertility clinic.  In some cases, the use of ICSI may be decided on the day of fertilisation depending on the quality of the sperm sample collected.