This is the medical field that specializes in men’s reproductive health.

Male infertility can be complex but our experienced team provide a wide range of testing including semen analysis and advanced sperm testing as well as providing sperm freezing and storage for fertility preservation and Assisted Reproductive Technology ( ART).


The Fertility consultation involves a meeting where you sit with a Fertility Physician, this meeting is a unique experience for each person. The consultation is directed towards reviewing your medical history, discussing plans for identifying and treating which ever condition of infertility is hampering your efforts to conceive, explaining the processes as well as treatment options available.

Based on history, age and how aggressively you want to pursue treatment, a number of diagnostic routine tests would be ordered by your doctor to evaluate you and your partner .The results of these tests will assist us in formulating the type of treatment/procedure that will provide you with the optimal chances of achieving a successful pregnancy in the safest and shortest possible time frame.


These are routine tests recommended to assess egg reserve, sperm quality, structures such as the Fallopian tube, the uterus (womb), hormones as well as infection screening.

These tests are carried out by taking a blood sample from you and your partner, collecting a semen sample for semen analysis, having a scan done through the vagina (Transvaginal scan) and having HSG (Hysterosalpingography) done to assess the fallopian tubes for blockage.


Your treatment option will depend on the cause of infertility. Following the consultation and fertility investigations, our doctor will sit with you and your partner to outline a treatment plan according to the diagnosis arrived at from the testing, duration of infertility and the woman’s age.

There are various treatment option that significantly improve chances of getting pregnant which include Lifestyle changes ( eating healthy, weight loss, avoiding smoking, recreational drugs and alcohol intake), medications ( to correct hormonal imbalance, induce ovulation), surgery ( for polyps, fibroids ,repairing damaged fallopian tubes) and Assisted Reproductive Technology which uses various medical techniques to fertilize an egg and help a couple achieve conception.

The treatment that we will offer you is tailored to suit you and the cause of your infertility as well as to provide the optimal chance of achieving a successful pregnancy in the safest way and shortest time without compromising quality of treatment.


Once embryos are created in IVF,they can be screened in other to choose the healthiest one to transfer into the mother, this process is called Pre- Implantation Genetic testing (PGT).

PGT helps to assure that the embryo being transferred is free of chromosomal abnormalty, it can also be used to determine the genotype of an embryo before transfer which can help in couples who are at risk of having a child with Sickle Cell Disease.


ICSI is one of  the most common and successful treatment for male infertility especially in a case of low sperm count .

It is a type of advanced treatment where sperm is injected directly into the egg to form an embryo.The resulting embryos are now transferred into the woman’s womb.


IUI involves placing sperm inside a woman’s uterus to facilitate fertilization.

The aim of IUI is to increase the number of sperm that gets to the fallopian tube and thus increases the chances of fertilization and pregnancy happening.


Semen analysis is used in male fertility testing,  semen sample is taken to test the sperm count,look for any abnormalities in sperm movement (motility) and shape (morphology).

In most cases a few semen analysis is required to confirm accurate result.

Male fertility diagnosis and treatment is dependent on semen analysis result.